Challenging 30 years for exceeding criteria and requirements

DYC has been producing conveyor chains and sprockets since 1987. With continuous investment into R&D and creating conveyor chain market during Korean industrialization, DYC became one of promising venture companies which were chosen and financially sponsored by a government-owned enterprise. From this honorable milestone, the exceptional growth in company history has started and the prosperity has been still going on up to now, even though DYC paid the investment back.

Overcoming several economic crises in domestic and worldwide markets, DYC has been sustained in a technologically and financially sound entity and cooperated with invaluable customers all over the world. DYC has tracked on a rough way of manufacturing conveyor chains with a single and firm belief, and finally ranked in a dominant position in Asia market.

Now DYC has a worldwide top level technology and expertise in manufacturing conveyor chains and also has been supplying conveyor chains of the best quality.

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